G-17 Air Setup

Step 1

Disconnect the internet cable from your computer (if one is connected) and plug in the unit and Wireless Button LED will show Red then blink Blue rapidly for 25 seconds. Once it is flashing Blue slowly, go to Step 2

step 1
Step 2

To access the G-17 Air connect mode, push and hold the Wireless Button until the LED turns Purple and release. It will flash Purple rapidly for 30 secs. Once flashing Purple slowly, go to Step 3.

step 2
Step 3

Open your Wireless Connection Utility to look for available networks. Klipsch G-17 Air Setup should be present. (If it has not appeared on the list, click refresh to update the list of available networks.) Select the Klipsch_G-17 Air Setup and click connect. Once the LED turns solid Purple, go to Step 4.

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Step 4

Step A
Change the G-17 Air’s Device name to identify it from other AirPlay devices, and click “Apply.” Click on “Network Configuration” in the left bar to return to the original page.
Step B
Select your wireless network from the Service Set ID (SSID) drop-down, enter your password below (if your network is protected) and then click “Apply.” A warning dialog box will come up. Just click “OK”.

Step 5

The wireless LED will blink Blue once, turn Red for 2 seconds and then the unit will restart. The Wireless LED will flash Blue rapidly again, then slowly, and then should turn solid Blue if successfully connected to your home router. Reconnect the setup device to your wireless network if it doesn’t automatically. To use AirPlay streaming capabilities, your iOS device or iTunes must be connected to your home wireless network. Reconnect your internet cable to your computer if you disconnected it in Step 1.

step 5